Payment Acceptance Solutions for Every Need at the Point of Sale

Businesses are as unique as the merchants who run them, each with their own set of needs, processes, and preferences requiring progressive and reliable payment acceptance solutions. TSYS Payment Acceptance products can meet the needs at the point of sale, on a mobile phone, or via the Web. Multi Payment Acceptance is available to clients as well as partner developers. With our API, any preferred front-end interface can be easily integrated into a full range of our services.

Mobile Payment Acceptance Turns a Smartphone to a Payment Processing Device   


Merchants who serve their customers in the home or on the go need point-of-sale solutions that are simple, reliable and secure. Mobile Payment Acceptance is a smartphone-based application providing card payment acceptance anywhere cellular service is available – so merchants can do business wherever, whenever. Mobile Payment Acceptance is fully integrated with TSYS processing platforms, providing a convenient alternative to traditional card payment acceptance.

Mobile Payment Acceptance Features:

  • Swiped or manual transactions
  • Signature debit
  • Digital signature capture available on a variety of touch screen smartphones
  • Optional card readers
  • E-mail and/or printed receipts
  • V-Code and Address Verification System
  • Instant access to real-time reporting
  • Encrypted with TSYS's proprietary point-to-point encryption
  • SSL transactions w/128-bit encryption
  • Seamlessly integrated compliance updates
  • Optional magnetic stripe reader and printer

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Mobile Payment Acceptance View a demo of Mobile Payment Acceptance


TSYS WebPASS(SM) Delivers Reliable and Secure Web-based Payment Acceptance    

Virtual Payment Acceptance Super Simple Web Browser Based PaymentsWith TSYS WebPASS, merchants can process Card Present and Card Not Present (CNP) credit and debit card transactions simply by accessing a Web browser. TSYS WebPASS replaces traditional dedicated point-of-sale systems with an easy-to-use solution that can be accessed from virtually any computer. TSYS WebPASS offers expanded functionality including a customer database, flexible recurring payments and customizable on-demand reporting. TSYS WebPASS provides the security our clients expect from us – secure data encryption and transmission security protocols, and automatic PCI compliance updates. TSYS WebPASS is fully integrated with TSYS processing platforms, providing our clients and their merchants the best in payment transaction processing.

TSYS WebPASS Features:

  • Browser-based payment processing from virtually any Web-enabled PC
  • Card Present and Card Not Present transaction processing
  • Level III transaction processing
  • Tip and convenience fee support
  • Easy-to-set-up recurring payments and customer database
  • Signature debit
  • Single-user or multi-merchant account processing
  • Visa® Bill Payment/3D secure (MasterCard® and Visa)
  • Custom branding by acquirer

TSYS WebPASS View a demo of TSYS WebPASS


TSYS CounterPASS(SM) Provides Merchants with a PC-based Point-of-Sale Solution  


Counter Payment Acceptance – PC Payment AcceptanceTSYS CounterPASS is designed for merchants in need of a PC-based point-of-sale solution to replace traditional countertop terminals and provide better security and expanded functionality. With TSYS CounterPASS, merchants can accept credit and debit payments, view reports, run voids and more by using their business PC as an alternative to traditional terminals. TSYS CounterPASS is fully integrated with TSYS processing platforms, providing clients the best-in-business transaction processing. Optional touch-screen data entry provides simplified payment acceptance for users.

TSYS CounterPASS Features:

  • Instant updates
  • Swiped or manual transactions
  • Easy-to-set-up recurring payments
  • E-mail and/or printed receipts
  • SSL transactions w/128-bit encryption
  • Custom branding by Acquirer
  • Single-user or multi-merchant account processing
  • Multiple peripherals supported
  • Supports V-Code and Address Verification System

TSYS CounterPASS View a demo of TSYS CounterPASS


TSYS MultiPASS(SM) Payment Gateway   

Not all API solutions can increase conversion opportunities, but TSYS Acquiring Solutions does just that. TSYS MultiPASS enables our clients to board merchants with little to no disruption to their business because merchants converted to TSYS MultiPASS can keep their familiar point of sale equipment. TSYS MultiPASS is our gateway product that allows Value Added Resources to connect their front-end solutions to our processing platforms significantly reducing overall integration efforts. This allows Value Added Resources to take advantage of systems and services exclusive to our platforms. Value Added Resources write the code required to connect to our platform; we certify the application is operationally ready, and the integration is complete. TSYS MultiPASS is a powerful gateway and an asset that provides a competitive advantage for our clients.


TSYS Hosted Payment(SM)   

TSYS_HostedPaymentTSYS Hosted Payment (THP) is an application that allows merchants to safely and securely accept credit card payments while maintaining the look and feel of their website or POS system. The THP application resides on a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant TSYS server, significantly reducing the merchant’s PCI scope as all sensitive cardholder information is transmitted, stored and processed by TSYS — not by the merchant. Moreover, THP supports all major credit card brands, signature debit and level II transactions, making it scalable to meet the needs of most merchants, from high-volume e-commerce businesses to small neighborhood flower shops.

Merchant Benefits

  • Helps merchants reduce their PCI compliance scope without extensive infrastructure upgrades
  • Eliminating local electronic data storage helps avoid or eliminate the vulnerabilities most heavily leveraged by hackers
  • Increased security with data encryption and card data tokenization options
  • Seamless user experience – consistent look and feel with the merchant’s website or software application
  • Real-time  online transaction reporting
  • Application certified and supported by TSYS