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PRIME Scorer

Automatic Application Risk Assessment

PRIMESM Scorer enables card issuers to assess the risk associated with a card application process by enabling you to define your own set of rules and determine risk factors based on a weighted score card. It supports your risk management strategy by providing flexible tools and interfaces that will enable you to use customised application score cards for different products, allowing you to easily integrate with any in-house or third-party scoring system.

PRIME Scorer integrates smoothly with the core PRIME system, with connectivity appearing seamless to your users. Scoring and re-scoring is performed automatically as part of the application approval process. Your existing score cards can be integrated into the application approval process whether they are developed in-house or by a third party. In addition, PRIME Scorer offers flexible interfacing with external credit bureaux.

PRIME Scorer enables you to define multiple scoring rules for every product you manage. You can create and maintain customised application screens with user-defined fields using PRIME’s template application. A range of scores can then be attributed to each field on the application form, assisting the operator in making an accurate assessment of the application. Optionally, you may also utilise PRIME’s workflow capabilities to further automate and optimise your score generation, evaluation and application decisioning process.

Key Features

  • Application scoring
  • Rule-based scoring (If>Then logic)
  • Multiple score cards
  • Minimum and maximum threshold score settings
  • Optional integration with external score cards
  • Optional integration with credit bureaux

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