Case Studies & Testimonials

Success Stories

At TSYS®, we're focused on creating greater value through our client relationships than ever before. As a result, our voice has emerged as one of the most trusted in the payments industry. A true spirit of partnership ─ and the understanding that our success is measured by our clients’ success ─ infuses everything we do.

Below are just a few of the many success stories we’ve achieved with our clients throughout our more than 30-year history.

Boosting Member Engagement and Increasing Card Adoption

How did a leading Fortune 500, health insurance company overcome low member engagement? It turned to TSYS, who coupled industry expertise with marketing automation to boost results.


Increasing Card Activation and Use Through Limited-Time Bonus Loyalty Rewards Promotional Campaigns

Offering a limited-time promotion that provides extra rewards to cardholders who activate and spend on their new cards.


Increasing Cardholder Awareness of Travel Rewards and Benefits

How can an issuer remind cardholders about its vast travel reward offerings and card benefits while emphasizing the reward program’s unique points of differentiation? The answer: Create a showcase book highlighting the available travel rewards while reaffirming the prestige and value of being a card member.


Curtailing Corporate Card Misuse Through Greater Program Insight

How did one leading technology institution go beyond the “typical” best practices and implement a third-party solution to automatically monitor 100 percent of card transactions for possible policy exceptions? They turned to Oversight Insights On Demand — Powered by TSYS.


Improving Year-Over-Year Program Performance by Encouraging Cardholders to Take Action

How could a leading FI improve the digital experience of its partner retailer’s cardholder loyalty program while also increasing customer awareness and support of a national charity? The answer: By having TSYS® redesign the rewards site and use a combination of digital and direct marketing tactics to increase the charity's visibility.


Increasing Cardholder Engagement Through a Targeted Spend Campaign

Leading Financial Institution in the Southeastern U.S. leverages cardholder insights and analytics to identify dormant card accounts and reengage those cardholders by providing an attractive promotional rewards offer.


Using Responsive Design to Boost Customer Engagement

A global financial institution headquartered in Europe worked with TSYS to leverage responsive mobile website design to reduce expenses and better engage its customers for increased profitability.