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                                    payments industry insights journal

Cover Story

Does the Payments
Industry Move
Too Slowly?

Moving faster — and
forward — to remain
relevant in a new world

Strategies to:
 7> Engage customers through
     contextual commerce
     Providing easier, more
     frictionless transactions
     — in context

11> Learn from the challenges
     of rolling out EMV
     Looking back at struggles
     with deploying chip cards

23> B alance API culture with
     banking culture
     Why they can coexist, and
     why payments are often
     the perfect entry point

15> C an payments really be both

     secure and convenient?

19> Using chatbots for
     payments and fintech

25>W hy retailers are racing
     to set up shop in China

31> Is mobile self-checkout
     ready for takeoff?
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