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Dec 09, 2014TSYS Recognized by Smart Card Alliance
Dec 08, 2014TSYS Named to The Civic 50 for Second Consecutive Year
Dec 04, 2014TSYS Announces Promotion of Dannell Mastrean
Dec 01, 2014TSYS Announces Fourth-Quarter 2014 Dividend
Nov 20, 2014TSYS and linked2pay Offer Omni Payments for Merchants
Nov 13, 2014TSYS and FICO to Deliver Analytics-Powered Card Marketing Product
Nov 13, 2014TSYS Ranked No. 11 Among Top 100 Providers of Financial Technology
Nov 06, 2014TSYS Releases White Paper on the Multilateral Interchange Fee (MIF) Regulations Impacting German Banks
Nov 05, 2014TSYS Executives to Speak at Global Commercial Payments Summit
Nov 03, 2014TSYS Creating a More Open Technology Environment to Power Innovation
Oct 28, 2014TSYS Reports Third Quarter 2014 Total Revenues Increased 8.1%
Oct 20, 2014TSYS Releases its Fourth Annual Consumer Payment Preferences Study
Oct 14, 2014NetSpend to Present at PayThink
Oct 09, 2014TSYS Signs PRIME 4 Agreement with Banco del Bajío
Oct 07, 2014TSYS Transforms Cardholder Experience for Business
Oct 06, 2014TSYS Releases White Paper on ATM Cash Planning
Sep 30, 2014TSYS to Broadcast Third-Quarter 2014 Results
Sep 11, 2014TSYS and iMobile3 Partner to Provide Apple Pay Integration
Sep 09, 2014TSYS Supports Apple Pay
Sep 02, 2014TSYS Announces Third-Quarter 2014 Dividend
Aug 12, 2014TSYS Enables Secure Commerce with Tokenization
Aug 07, 2014TSYS Releases Payment Security White Paper
Aug 07, 2014TSYS Signs Agreement with the Philippines’ Metrobank Card Corporation
Jul 24, 2014TSYS Signs PRIME 4 Agreement with Leading Private Bank in the UK
Jul 23, 2014ProPay Partners With ControlScan to Provide Compliance Tools to Its Merchants
Jul 22, 2014TSYS Reports Second Quarter 2014 Total Revenues Increased 30.4%
Jul 21, 2014TSYS Receives 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership Award
Jul 15, 2014ProPay Launches TSYS Guardian CyberShield in Partnership with ThreatMetrix to Provide Advanced Fraud Prevention Solutions
Jul 14, 2014TSYS Announces NetSpend Leadership Transition
Jun 26, 2014TSYS to Broadcast Second-Quarter 2014 Results
Jun 24, 2014ProPay Releases Account Updater Service
Jun 23, 2014TSYS CEO Phil Tomlinson Announces Retirement
Jun 12, 2014TSYS Recognized for Outstanding Service Quality
Jun 02, 2014TSYS Announces Second-Quarter 2014 Dividend
May 28, 2014TSYS Extends Relationship with KBC Bank Ireland
May 27, 2014TSYS Names New Global Chief Procurement Officer
May 27, 2014TSYS Extends Payments Agreement with Canadian Tire
May 06, 2014TSYS Chooses ShopKeep to Offer Simple, Smart Point-of-Sale Technology in the Cloud
May 05, 2014TSYS Announces Executive Transition
May 02, 2014TSYS to Host 2014 Analyst Day in New York
Apr 22, 2014TSYS Reports First Quarter 2014 Total Revenues Increased 32.1%
Apr 21, 2014NetSpend, Western Union to Introduce Co-Branded Prepaid Card in the U.S.
Apr 15, 2014TSYS Releases White Paper on Mobile Wallet Solutions
Apr 07, 2014TSYS Partners with Oversight to Strengthen Corporate Card Program Auditing
Apr 07, 2014TSYS’ Vietnamese Client Goes Live with Biometric Solution
Apr 03, 2014TSYS Releases Research on Canadian Consumer Payment Preferences
Apr 01, 2014TSYS to Broadcast First-Quarter 2014 Results
Mar 27, 2014TSYS Signs Payments Agreement with Virgin Money
Mar 20, 2014TSYS Partners with The York Management School to launch the ‘TSYS Masters Scholarship’
Mar 19, 2014TSYS Merchant Solutions Announces Partnership with Navy Federal
Mar 17, 2014TSYS to Present at Barclays Emerging Payments Forum 2014
Mar 17, 2014Industry Trade Body Compares and Contrasts Prepaid Market Trends in Key Markets (part 2)
Mar 10, 2014TSYS Transforms Cardholder Experience
Mar 03, 2014TSYS to Present at Credit Suisse Investor Conference
Feb 27, 2014TSYS Expands Relationship with Commerce Bank
Feb 26, 2014TSYS Announces First-Quarter 2014 Dividend
Feb 20, 2014TSYS Increases Investment in Central Payment Co. Joint Venture
Feb 13, 2014Industry Trade Body Announces Second Webinar on Prepaid Trends in Key Markets
Feb 11, 2014TSYS Releases White Paper on Commercial Card Growth in Turkey
Feb 07, 2014TSYS to Present at KBW Investor Symposium
Feb 02, 2014Prepaid Industry Trade Body to Meet in Dubai
Jan 29, 2014TSYS Appoints Two New Members to Board of Directors
Jan 28, 2014TSYS Reports 2013 Adjusted Cash EPS Increased 17.8%
Jan 16, 2014TSYS Announces Consumer-Driven Account Controls
Jan 02, 2014TSYS to Broadcast Fourth-Quarter 2013 Results
Dec 11, 2013TSYS Releases Importance of 3D Secure with EMV
Dec 05, 2013TSYS Named to The Civic 50
Dec 02, 2013TSYS Announces Fourth-Quarter 2013 Dividend
Nov 20, 2013TSYS Expands Relationship with FirstBank Puerto Rico
Nov 19, 2013ProPay to Provide Simple Secure Donation Process for Little Green Light
Nov 12, 2013ProPay Expands Global Ecommerce Solution
Nov 12, 2013Industry Trade Body Compares and Contrasts Prepaid Market Trends in Key Markets
Nov 12, 2013TSYS Executives to Present at FinovateAsia
Nov 10, 2013Prepaid International Forum Announces Launch of Middle East Chapter
Nov 06, 2013TSYS Announces Promotion of Andrew Mathieson
Nov 05, 2013TSYS Merchant Insights Allows Customers to Monitor Impacts of Social Media
Oct 22, 2013TSYS Reports Third Quarter 2013 Adjusted Cash EPS Increased 37.0%
Oct 17, 2013ProPay Selected as Top Online Payment Service Provider
Oct 16, 2013TSYS Executive to Speak at ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum
Oct 15, 2013TSYS Releases Third Annual Research Results on Consumer Payment Preferences
Oct 08, 2013TSYS Expands Processing Agreement with MainStream Merchant Services, Inc.
Oct 01, 2013TSYS Executives to Participate at Money2020
Sep 30, 2013TSYS to Broadcast Third-Quarter 2013 Results
Sep 27, 2013Vendor Misappropriates TSYS Employee Data
Sep 17, 2013TSYS and China UnionPay to Present at International Acquiring Forum
Sep 09, 2013TSYS to Sponsor Africa AITEC Banking and Mobile Money COMESA
Sep 04, 2013TSYS Signs Long-Term Acquiring Agreement With Anovia Payments, LLC
Sep 03, 2013TSYS Announces Third-Quarter 2013 Dividend
Aug 28, 2013ProPay Launches Mobile Rent Payments Service
Aug 27, 2013TSYS Releases White Paper on Leveraging Big Data to Improve Cardholder Retention
Aug 26, 2013TSYS Announces Agreement with Discover to Support PayPal Payments
Aug 26, 2013TSYS to Sponsor Cards & Payments Turkey
Aug 19, 2013TSYS and FICO Launch Integrated Fraud Management Solution
Aug 12, 2013TSYS Supports EMV Campaign in Kenya
Jul 31, 2013TSYS Healthcare Launches Enhanced HRA Card Functionality
Jul 23, 2013TSYS Reports Second Quarter Results and Raises 2013 Guidance with NetSpend Acquisition
Jul 09, 2013TSYS’ Merchant Services Segment Achieves EMV® Payment Processing Certification
Jul 08, 2013TSYS to Provide Debit Payment Services for KBC Bank Ireland
Jul 01, 2013TSYS Completes Acquisition of NetSpend
Jun 28, 2013TSYS to Broadcast Second-Quarter 2013 Results
Jun 13, 2013TSYS Announces Executive Promotions
Jun 06, 2013TSYS to Present at the EMEA Middle Market Conference 2013
Jun 03, 2013TSYS Announces Second-Quarter 2013 Dividend
May 30, 2013TSYS Signs Payments Agreement with KeyBank
May 29, 2013TSYS Renews Payments Agreement with Nationwide Building Society
May 15, 2013TSYS Prices $1.1 Billion of Senior Notes
Apr 25, 2013TSYS Merchant Solutions to Launch TSYS Multi-Currency Solutions
Apr 23, 2013TSYS Reports First Quarter 2013 Basic Earnings per Share of $0.31; Excluding Merger and Acquisition Costs, Basic EPS was $0.33 up 11.5%
Apr 18, 2013TSYS and Nationwide Building Society Contact Centre Named Top Quartile Performer
Apr 11, 2013TSYS to Present at NAPCP Commercial Card and Payment Conference
Apr 08, 2013TSYS Releases White Paper on Branchless Banking
Apr 03, 2013TSYS to Present at the 25th Annual Card Forum and Expo
Apr 02, 2013TSYS Signs Long-Term Renewal Agreement with Columbia State Bank
Mar 28, 2013TSYS to Broadcast First-Quarter 2013 Results
Mar 21, 2013TSYS Executive Honored by Commercial Payments International
Mar 13, 2013TSYS to Present at Barclays Emerging Payments Forum
Mar 13, 2013TSYS Releases White Paper on Mobile Commercial Business Travelers
Mar 06, 2013TSYS Named to Ethisphere’s 2013 World’s Most Ethical Companies
Feb 26, 2013TSYS Signs Full-Service Processing Agreement with MLS Direct Network
Feb 25, 2013TSYS Announces First-Quarter 2013 Dividend
Feb 21, 2013TSYS Becomes Certified Service Bureau for the LINK Scheme
Feb 19, 2013TSYS to Acquire NetSpend
Feb 12, 2013TSYS Announces Promotion of Tony Hodge
Feb 11, 2013Two TSYS Executives to Speak at FinovateEurope
Feb 04, 2013Prepaid International Forum (PIF) Continues International Expansion with Launch of New Chapter for the Middle East
Jan 29, 2013TSYS Signs Extension with Payment Alliance International
Jan 24, 2013TSYS Celebrates Two Decades of Partnership with Commercial Bank of Qatar
Jan 24, 2013TSYS Signs Long-Term Payments Agreement with Priority Payment Systems, LLC
Jan 22, 2013TSYS Reports 2012 Earnings Per Share Up 13.1%
Jan 15, 2013TSYS Technology to Help Achieve Financial Inclusion in India
Jan 14, 2013TSYS to Present at Nordic Cards Markets 2013
Dec 27, 2012TSYS to Broadcast Fourth-Quarter 2012 Results
Dec 26, 2012TSYS Completes Acquisition of ProPay
Dec 18, 2012TSYS Signs Long-Term Payments Agreement with Merrick Bank
Dec 12, 2012TSYS Signs Payments Agreements with Two Credit Unions
Dec 11, 2012TSYS Signs PRIME 4 Agreement with NMB Bank
Dec 05, 2012TSYS Celebrates 15-year Partnership With Commercial Bank of Africa
Dec 04, 2012TSYS Releases White Paper on Bank 2.0 and Bank 1.0
Dec 03, 2012TSYS Announces Fourth-Quarter 2012 Dividend
Nov 15, 2012TSYS Announces Agreement to Acquire ProPay
Nov 01, 2012TSYS Executive to Speak at The North American Middle Market Conference 2012
Oct 23, 2012TSYS Reports Operating Income Growth of 12.0% and EPS of $0.32 for the Third Quarter
Oct 23, 2012TSYS Extends Processing Services Agreement with BB&T Financial, FSB
Oct 22, 2012TSYS’ n>genuity Journal Now Accepting Contributors
Oct 22, 2012TSYS to Provide Transaction-Specific Marketing Offers
Oct 18, 2012TSYS Releases White Paper on the Convergence of Social Media and Payments in India and Southeast Asia
Oct 17, 2012TSYS Releases 2012 Research Results On Consumer Payment Preferences
Oct 16, 2012TSYS Executive to be Featured at Money2020 Expo
Oct 10, 2012TSYS Signs International Payments Agreement with Scotiabank
Oct 08, 2012TSYS Supports Commercial Bank of Africa’s Launch of U.S. Dollar Cards
Oct 01, 2012TSYS to Broadcast Third-Quarter 2012 Results
Sep 20, 2012TSYS Signs PRIME 4 Agreement With Paynet
Sep 13, 2012TSYS Poised for NFC Payment Solution With North American Partner
Sep 07, 2012Prepaid International Forum (PIF) India Chapter Announces New Chairman and Executive Committee
Sep 05, 2012TSYS’ Central Payment Joint Venture Named to Inc. 5000 List
Sep 04, 2012TSYS Announces Third-Quarter 2012 Dividend
Sep 04, 2012TSYS to Present at Deutsche Bank dbAccess 2012 Technology Conference
Aug 28, 2012TSYS Opens New Multi-Media Contact Centre in UK
Aug 23, 2012TSYS Launches Investor Relations App
Aug 16, 2012TSYS Signs Major Norwegian Banking Group
Aug 13, 2012TSYS Signs Healthcare Payments Agreement with Acclaris, Inc.
Aug 09, 2012TSYS Forms Joint Venture with Central Payment Co.
Jul 24, 2012TSYS Reports EPS Growth of 26.5% for the Second Quarter
Jul 19, 2012TSYS Signs Multi-year Agreement with Bank of America
Jun 28, 2012TSYS to Broadcast Second-Quarter 2012 Results
Jun 27, 2012Two TSYS Executives to Speak at The EMEA Middle Market Conference 2012
Jun 11, 2012TSYS Acquiring Solutions Launches Value Added Resource (VAR) Partner Connect Program
Jun 05, 2012Prepaid International Forum's India Chapter Extends Membership to Mobile Operators as India Prepaid Market Evolves
May 29, 2012TSYS to Present at Stephens Spring Investment Conference
May 29, 2012TSYS Announces Second-Quarter 2012 Dividend
May 16, 2012TSYS Unveils Its Agenda for Connected Mobility
May 15, 2012TSYS Signs Qatar National Bank to License PRIME 4
May 14, 2012TSYS to Host Analyst Presentation in New York
Apr 26, 2012TSYS Completes Conversion of Banco Carrefour S.A.
Apr 26, 2012TSYS Wins Industry Partner of the Year Award for Prepaid
Apr 24, 2012TSYS Reports EPS Growth of 18.6% for the First Quarter
Apr 24, 2012TSYS Signs Payments Agreement With Huntington Bancshares Incorporated
Apr 23, 2012TSYS Extends Payments Agreement With The Royal Bank of Scotland
Apr 12, 2012TSYS Extends Payments Agreement With First Hawaiian Bank
Apr 10, 2012TSYS Signs Contract Extension With Veracity Payment Solutions
Apr 05, 2012TSYS to Broadcast First-Quarter 2012 Results
Mar 19, 2012TSYS Introduces “People-Centered Payments”
Mar 16, 2012TSYS Named to Ethisphere’s 2012 World’s Most Ethical Companies List
Mar 14, 2012TSYS Executives to Speak at Global Commercial Cards and Payments Summit
Feb 28, 2012TSYS Announces First-Quarter 2012 Dividend
Feb 16, 2012TSYS Acquiring Solutions Now Processing American Express OnePoint® Transactions
Feb 09, 2012TSYS Signs Tinkoff. Credit Systems Bank to License PRIME 4
Jan 24, 2012TSYS Reports EPS Growth of 29% For The Fourth Quarter And 14% For The Full Year
Jan 19, 2012TSYS Signs Long-Term Processing Agreement with BancorpSouth
Jan 12, 2012TSYS Announces New Group Executives
Jan 10, 2012TSYS Signs Payment Services Agreement with Pivotal Payments
Dec 20, 2011TSYS to Broadcast Fourth-Quarter 2011 Results
Dec 15, 2011TSYS Releases White Paper on the Delivery of M-Payments and Prepaid Services to Rural India
Nov 17, 2011TSYS Signs Largest Private Bank in Azerbaijan to License PRIME 4
Nov 15, 2011TSYS Merchant Solutions Named Exclusive Payment Processing Partner of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP)
Nov 03, 2011TSYS to Present at Citi 2011 Financial Technology Conference
Oct 25, 2011TSYS Reports Third Quarter 2011 EPS Up 30.6%, Raises Guidance and Increases Quarterly Dividend by 42.9%
Oct 24, 2011TSYS and Mercator Advisory Group to Present 2011 Consumer Debit Research Results at ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum
Oct 21, 2011TSYS Purchases Portfolio from Vanguard Payment Systems
Oct 13, 2011Tinkoff. Credit Systems Issues 1 million Credit Cards on TSYS PRIME
Oct 12, 2011TSYS Signs Payments Agreement With Imperial Bank
Sep 30, 2011TSYS to Broadcast Third-Quarter 2011 Results
Sep 13, 2011TSYS Announces New n>genuity Journal Online and Editorial Board
Sep 07, 2011TSYS Extends Processing Services Agreement with Clearent
Sep 07, 2011TSYS Partners With IE to Launch Mobile App in Europe
Sep 06, 2011TSYS Announces Third-Quarter 2011 Dividend
Aug 30, 2011David Duncan Appointed as General Manager of TSYS Brazil
Aug 23, 2011TSYS Names New Head of Global Product
Aug 02, 2011Prepaid International Forum's India Chapter Launches Project-Based Initiatives to Drive Prepaid Market Expansion
Jul 26, 2011TSYS Reports Second Quarter 2011 Results
Jul 11, 2011TSYS Announces Promotion of Bob Kellum
Jun 30, 2011TSYS to Broadcast Second-Quarter 2011 Results
Jun 28, 2011TSYS Announces Agreement with U.S. Bank to Process Corporate Card Payments in Europe
Jun 20, 2011TSYS Releases 2011 Research Results Regarding Consumer Debit Behavior
May 31, 2011TSYS Announces Second-Quarter 2011 Dividend
May 19, 2011TSYS Celebrates 10 Years of European Processing
May 17, 2011TSYS to Host Analyst Presentation in New York
May 10, 2011TSYS Signs Merchant Services Agreement With Caledon Card Services
May 04, 2011TSYS to Open New Financial Services Support Center in Canada
May 03, 2011TSYS Expands Share Repurchase Plan
May 02, 2011TSYS Expands Merchant Acquiring Presence With Acquisition of TermNet
Apr 27, 2011TSYS to Webcast 2011 Annual Shareholders Meeting
Apr 26, 2011TSYS Reports First Quarter 2011 Results
Apr 26, 2011Advanzia Bank S.A. Renews Agreement With TSYS
Apr 21, 2011TSYS to Present at 23rd Annual Card Forum & Expo
Apr 14, 2011TSYS Clients Recognised at The Card & Payments Awards 2011
Mar 31, 2011TSYS to Broadcast First-Quarter 2011 Results
Mar 25, 2011Kusal Roy Appointed as Chairman of Prepaid International Forum's India Chapter
Mar 22, 2011TSYS Introduces TSYS Whitespace ManagerSM With Pitney Bowes
Mar 21, 2011Global Commercial Cards and Payments Summit to Feature Two TSYS Executives
Mar 08, 2011TSYS Executive to Present at National Collections and Credit Risk Conference
Mar 01, 2011TSYS Announces First-Quarter 2011 Dividend
Mar 01, 2011TSYS Executive to Speak at Prepaid Expo
Feb 24, 2011TSYS’ Corporate Headquarters Honored
Feb 07, 2011TSYS and CASSIS International Enter Into Mobile NFC Partnership
Feb 03, 2011Prepaid International Forum's India Chapter Enters New Phase to Spearhead Prepaid Growth and Adoption
Jan 25, 2011TSYS Provides 2011 Guidance of 9% - 11% EPS Growth and Reports 2010 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Financial Results
Jan 13, 2011First Paid Healthcare Solutions Now Available in Puerto Rico
Jan 03, 2011TSYS Acquires Remaining 49 Percent of First National Merchant Solutions From First National Bank of Omaha