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 Aggregation – A Payment Processing Model Addressing An Underserved Market 
 Are Transaction Downgrades Affecting Your Bottom Line 
 Authorization Reversals: Its Growing Significance 
 The Great EMV Debate: Chip-and-PIN vs. Chip-and-signature 
 The Mobile Payments Evolution 
 Think Breach Protection is All You Need? Think Again. 
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 ngenuity journal 
 60 Seconds With Lisa Servon 
 A Crisis of Culture 
 A Fresh Look at Cash 
 A Hidden Pitfall of Big Data: Discrimination? 
 A Ripple-Effect Ruling for the Payments Industry 
 A View From Washington - August 2013 
 A View From Washington - December 2013 
 A View From Washington - September 2014 
 About n>genuity 
 Achieving the Elusive "10x Factor" in Payments Innovation 
 Applying Principles of Lifestyle Improvement to Payments Innovation 
 Become a Contributor 
 Become a Contributor - Thank You 
 Beyond Bitcoin: Why its use as currency is just the tip of the iceberg 
 Big Data: A Wealth of Information 
 Big Top Data and the Yellow Elephant 
 Bitcoin Makes Gains With Merchants 
 CFPB to Propose Clarifications of Consumer Protections for Reloadable Prepaid Cards 
 Commercial Supplier Acquiring: Ripe Opportunity or Business as Usual? 
 Data Retailers Should Be Collecting – But Probably Aren’t 
 Debit Doldrums: Filling the Post-Durbin Revenue Gap 
 Dispelling the Myths About Prepaid Products 
 Disruptive Financial Inclusion 
 Editorial Board 
 EMV and the Next Era of Customer Service in U.S. Banking 
 European Commission Regulation: A Significant Shift in Cards Business Terms 
 Follow the Money: Why big opportunities in payments come in small packages 
 For FIs, Snoozing in Social Media Likely to Do More Harm Than Good 
 Four Strategies for Optimizing the Prepaid Experience 
 Global Insights from the First International Acquiring Forum 
 Hesitation to Invest in Mobile Presents Its Own Risks 
 How Banks and Retailers Can Use Rewards to Rise Again 
 In Payments, The Times They Are a-Changing 
 In PCI Compliance, Five Commonly Overlooked Security Errors 
 Indoor Location GPS: Coming Soon to a Store Near You 
 Is It Time for Real-Time Payments in the U.S.? 
 Is Loyalty to Card-Issuing Banks a Thing of the Past? 
 Is Software Eating Merchant Acquiring? 
 Learning From The Squeaky Wheel 
 Looking Ahead to Order-Ahead Apps 
 Making the Payment Disappear 
 Millennials and Privacy: More Open to Sharing, But Also More Informed 
 Omnichannel as a Strategy: What it Is, and What it Isn’t 
 Payroll Cards: Ready for the Tipping Point 
 Planet of the APIs 
 Privacy Policy 
 Reaching America’s Financially Underserved: Opportunity Outweighs the Risk 
 Redefining the Retail Experience With Omnichannel Commerce 
 Retailers Make Their Mark in Prepaid 
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 Second Chance: Many FIs Taking Credit Cards Back In House 
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 The Heartache of Heartbleed 
 The n>genuity Podcast 
 The New Rails on The Block: Bitcoin and Virtual Currencies 
 The Sharing Economy Comes to the Financial Services Industry 
 The Virtual View Through Invisible Plastic 
 Three Merchant Security Vulnerabilities We Learned From Fraudsters 
 Three Reasons Why 2014 Was Strong for Small Business Financing 
 Three Things VCs Look For Before Funding a Startup Payments Company 
 Uncertainty is Certain—Credit Union Taxation is Not 
 Understanding the Crowded Field of Crowdfunding 
 Understanding What Consumers Mean, Not Just What They Say 
 What Do Consumers Think About Consumer-Directed Health Plans? 
 When It Comes to Payments, An Increasingly Aggressive FTC 
 When it Comes to Payments, Who is Getting Funded by the Venture Capital Community? 
 When Merchants Pass Compliance and Fail Security 
 Why Are Young People Walking Away from Credit Cards? 
 Why Consumer Behavior Is Crucial to Fraud Prevention 
 Why Do Some Payment Innovations Succeed While Others Fail? 
 Why NFC Could Soon Become the Real Deal 
 Why Prepaid Cards Are Not Immune From Fraud 
 Why Prepaid is the New Checking 
 Why Privacy and Security Don’t Have to be Mutually Exclusive 
 Why the Affordable Care Act Stands to Reshape the Way Patients Pay 
 Why the Digital Identity is the Next Major Enabler for the Digital Economy 
 Why Tokenization Can Be Hackers’ Kryptonite 
 Why We’re at the End of the Beginning of the Bitcoin Era 
 Will Losses in Consumer Confidence in Payments Accelerate EMV? 
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 Draw Money 2020 
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 Spring 2009 
 A View from Washington 
 Business Without Borders 
 Card Marketing in Transition 
 De-Marketing in Practice 
 Four Ps in Customer Engagement 
 Payments State of the Union 
 Perspective in Payments 
 Rethinking European Card Harmonisation 
 Self-Service Collections 
 Spring 2009 
 Where is the Mobile Wallet? 
 Fall 2008 
 A Transformation in Payments 
 Fall 2008 
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 Hidden Promises of the Underbanked Market 
 Mobilizing Financial Services 
 Moving Beyond FICO 
 Policymakers at Work 
 Russia: Coming into the TSYS Fold 
 When Times Get Tough, Bolster Loyalty Rewards 
 Fall 2009 
 An Innovation Imperiled 
 Commercial Card Regional Round-Up 
 Cutting Fraud, Slashing Waste, Saving Billions 
 Fall 2009 
 Focus on Healthcare Payments 
 Framing the Future of the UK Credit Landscape 
 Mothball the Mighty Mag-Stripe 
 Perspective in Payments: Kelley Knutson 
 Policymakers at Work: Regulatory News from Capitol Hill 
 Prepaid Cards: A Tool for Getting by or Getting Ahead? 
 The Fight to Survive: Unleashing Savings with a Commercial Card Program 
 Understanding Key Themes in Emerging Payments 
 Why is the Implementation of Payment Services Directive Being Delayed? 
 Summer 2010 
 “The Perfect Storm” 
 2009 CARD Act & Prepaid 
 60 Seconds with Tony Hayes 
 Building Relationships With Generation Y 
 Business Relationships 
 Challenges and Opportunities in Commercial Payments 
 Commercial Card Product Playbook 
 Consumer Lending 
 Policymakers at Work 
 Recalibrating for Innovation 
 Small FIs 
 The Time is Ripe for Alternative Payment Products 
 Winners and Losers 
 Winter 2010 
 60 Seconds with Michael Lafferty 
 Brazil’s Pursuit of Innovation 
 Choosing a Commercial Card Platform 
 Current Trends in Workflow Technology 
 Hire Your Customers to Detect Fraud 
 Is Payment Reform in the Cards? 
 Personalization as a Business Model 
 Policymakers at Work 
 Preventing Fraud Through Collaboration 
 Reducing the Risks of Multi-Country Bank Card Outsourcing 
 Targeting the Mass Affluent Market 
 The Annual Field Guide to Alternative Payments 
 The Payments Revolution 
 What the Mid-Term Elections Will Mean For the Card Industry 
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