Social Media and Payments in India and Southeast Asia

This report looks at the adoption levels of popular social networks in India and Southeast Asia, and how their fast growth could influence consumer banking preferences — whether for purchases, transactions, or information. Combining data from TSYS market research, it explores how payment technologies are likely to evolve and converge with social media, including through the offering of peer-to-peer payment technologies that can facilitate small-value and micropayment transactions. And finally, it highlights the four key challenges that lie ahead for FIs when it comes to navigating social media, along with three strategic considerations for evaluating social payment opportunities.

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Amit Sethi

Amit SethiAmit Sethi is a 25-year veteran of the global payments industry. During his career, Mr. Sethi has been actively involved in the financial services, technology and outsourcing industries in the U.S. and India. He has held a series of executive positions with companies such as Bank of America, HSBC, Visa International, KPMG, Oracle Corporation and iGate. Mr. Sethi was Global Sales Head of Financial Services and Service Industries for Sutherland Global Services prior to joining TSYS, one of the world’s largest companies for licensed and outsourced payment services and where he is now Managing Director of India and Southeast Asia.

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