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Consumer-directed healthcare is naturally shifting payment responsibility to the consumer. However, legal and regulatory changes are also providing increased opportunities for consumers to utilize tax-free dollars to pay for medical expenses through a variety of tax-advantaged (contributions using pre-tax dollars) accounts, such as health savings accounts, health reimbursement arrangements and flexible spending accounts (HSAs, HRAs and FSAs). These trends have opened up a new world of opportunities for everyone. Participants, insurers, financial institutions and third-party administrators (TPAs) are all eager to successfully navigate this marketplace.

As these accounts gain momentum, credit and debit cards are fast becoming the preferred choice for payments. Participants are increasingly using cards to pay their co-payments, deductibles and medication costs from one or more of their accounts as well as access to other purses. TSYS® understands the new world of healthcare processing and how it affects you and your clients.

Our knowledgeable leadership team has experienced the convergence of healthcare and financial services. With expertise that spans banking, payments, insurance and plan administration, we understand the challenges to your success because we’ve maneuvered through them ourselves and are well-positioned to help you.

With TSYS, you get exceptional value:

  • Technology in an unparalleled transaction-processing platform designed to provide true competitive advantages
  • Robust solutions with a full suite of options designed specifically for healthcare card programs
  • True flexibility with turnkey solutions complete with modular product and service features
  • Industry expertise, which means fast and effective implementation, including program approval, production, training and management
  • Superior customer service and a skilled team of specialists to support every aspect of your program

TSYS provides a comprehensive suite of services designed for today and the possibilities of tomorrow. Advantages include:

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