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Delinquency Management

While delinquencies are at historic lows - the challenges in collections continue. Fewer resources coupled with increased and poorly defined legislation mean the need for automation and auditable solutions is at an all time high. 

TSYS® can help consolidate delinquency portfolios using an enterprise-wide approach. With our solutions, you can maintain compliance throughout the collections and recovery process by utilizing a variety of low-cost communication channels and strategies while preserving account relationships for future profitability.

  • Communicate with customers based on their preferences
  • Allow customers to resolve delinquency while retaining dignity
  • Provide 24-hour access to resolutions via self-service channels
  • Maintain compliance at every contact point in an auditable system

TSYS delinquency management solutions include:

  • TSYS® FlexCollect®
  • TSYS TS1® and TS2® Core Collections
  • Vendor Management Automation

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