TSYS in the UK

TSYS in the United Kingdom

"TSYS has the functionality to support all of our current requirements as well as the flexibility to support us with our future growth. As we already use the TSYS platform for Tesco Bank credit card processing, the company has a strong knowledge of our business and understands our customer-centric approach. We also want to ensure that our migration runs smoothly and an important consideration for us was TSYS' strong migration record."

-Shaun Doherty, IT and Operations Director at Tesco Bank

The payments business is important — it fuels the global economy and makes consumers' lives easier. 44 million times per day, TSYS® touches someone's life or business by supporting a payment transaction.

Since establishing roots in the UK in 2000, we've touched countless lives by conducting safe and secure electronic transactions with a focus on trust and convenience.

As our clients expand beyond their home markets and push into other parts of Europe and beyond, we support them with:

  • payment licensing and processing solutions, including EMV;
  • tools to minimise fraud and risk;
  • multi-payment schemes, multi-country, multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-institutional payment processing;
  • solutions tailored to meet local requirements;
  • unrivalled customer service infrastructure; and
  • more than 9,000 team members worldwide.

Our payment tools support the UK marketplace with smart solutions, big ideas and new capabilities.