TSYS Whitepaper - Bank 1.0 and Bank 2.0 Success Entails Learning from Each Other's Best Practices

Executive Summary
This report stresses the importance of banks continuing to learn from and follow the lessons of traditional banking as they move toward the future. The most successful transitions will likely involve a hybrid approach: One that builds upon the best practices from the traditional banking model while integrating next-generation practices that consumers want and expect.

The white paper outlines some of the best practices of Bank 1.0 and Bank 2.0, and explores some increasingly critical elements that more traditional banks should adopt to maintain relevancy. The three critical factors explored in our roadmap for success include: 1) Building upon core Bank 1.0 practices; 2) Understanding today’s consumer banking behaviours and preferences; and 3) Improving the customer experience with technology while gathering better insights.

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John Goodale

John GoodaleJohn Goodale is Senior Director, Business Expansion within TSYS Europe. His role covers responsibility for TSYS’ business expansion activities for processing and licensing across all European markets. John has played a lead role in developing TSYS’ proposition to banks and retailers across Europe and has gained experience within many of the major international markets. Prior to joining TSYS in 2002, John’s career was in management consulting, most recently with KPMG and before that with Fujitsu/DMR.

Email: JGoodale@tsys.com