Real-time identity verification, across issuers and jurisdictions.

The TSYS Authentication PlatformSM leverages personally identifiable information and customer experience data collected directly from cardholder touchpoints to verify customer identities.

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Everyone is at risk of identity fraud.

$00 Billion

Projected fraud losses worldwide by 20221

~$0 Billion

Amount of annual payment card losses in the U.S. alone2


Number of industry executives citing ATO as the leading cause of digital channel losses3

State-of-the-art authentication

The Authentication Platform addresses identity theft and takeover fraud, using the latest technology and machine learning. It’s driven by the immediacy of real-time data on cardholder interactions and financial transactions, collected directly from customer touchpoints.

No better customer verification

In cooperation with Featurespace, TSYS has developed a proven, advanced machine-learning engine that powers the platform and delivers industry-best identity verification and fraud prevention.

Stay a step ahead by accessing not only daily cardholder interactions and financial transactions, but also data associated with known fraudulent attempts. Because fraudsters often rely on the same tactics, this aids in detecting future attempts.

Combat identity and ATO fraud:

  • Real-time identity verification
  • Single European Payments Area (SEPA)-compliant payments processing
  • Nearly frictionless cardholder experience
  • Can help you comply with PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements
  • Developed and supported by expert TSYS data scientists with real-world experience

Leave the lag behind

Most systems rely on reported data, with its inherent lag time. TSYS taps one of the largest in-house stores of PII data and real-time financial transactions to assess events and card member interactions.

Take advantage of an array of dashboards, alerts and visualization tools to help your analysts and investigators resolve cases quickly, and adjust rules and workflows to address the latest fraud schemes and tactics.

Unsurpassed data storehouse:

  • Drawn directly from cardholder touchpoints worldwide — across issuers and borders
  • Tracks when customers open an account, update their profile, change a password or make a balance transfer
  • Only solution that combines PII with large volumes of real-time transaction data
  • Over time, issuers will rarely need to reach out to third parties for risk assessments

A flexible fit

Don’t mistake reliability for rigidity. Our platform can easily adjust to any level of risk, desired cardholder experiences or third-party solutions you may wish to incorporate. And it’s easy and intuitive.

Use the Authentication Platform to determine the level of customer friction to apply based on your chosen risk — from virtually transparent verification to active measures such as one-time passcodes or facial recognition.

Customizable and configurable:

  • Enables issuer-specific rules for various data attributes
  • Incorporates key authentication tasks within a single login
  • Opens the door to a variety of cutting-edge solutions
  • Supports the latest innovations from emerging fintech providers
  • Platform will accommodate call centers and in-branch channels in the future

Evolution of fraud & payments tech

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A new type of fraud

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Power of the TSYS ecosystem

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The Authentication Platform is part of the TSYS connected ecosystem. Built on open APIs, it eliminates siloed solutions and gives you a valuable 360° view into your consumer and commercial customers' journey.

The Authentication Platform works seamlessly with the TSYS Data & Analytics PlatformSM and other TSYS platforms and solutions — sharing data and workflows — to maximize the benefits you receive.

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Fighting payment card fraud?

There’s a lot more to tell you about the TSYS Authentication Platform and how it can help provide next-generation protection for you and your cardholders.

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2. Aite Group LLC. Synthetic Identity Fraud: The Elephant in the Room, May 2018
3. ATO (Account Takeover Fraud), Aite Group LLC. Digital Channel Fraud Mitigation: Evolving to Mobile-First, November 2017