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The TSYS Data & Analytics PlatformSM offers easily accessible, highly accurate insights and predictions into cardholder behavior and portfolio performance — for dramatically better decision-making.

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Open credit card accounts in the U.S. at year-end 20171

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Total credit card debt in U.S. Q4 20182

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Empowering the right actions. At the right time.

Our Data and Analytics Platform delivers the data you need to make fact-based decisions in a timely manner. Gain quicker time-to-analytics and more flexible access.

User-friendly dashboards and reports

Choose from three packages of dashboards and prebuilt reports to meet analytics, regulatory and peer benchmarking needs — without jumping through hoops or massaging data.

  • Regulatory and compliance reporting — Unique, modular solution with everything required for data feeds and reports to regulators
  • Business and management reporting — Instantly puts key business information at your fingertips — personalized to your needs and easily consumed
  • Peer benchmarking and portfolio reviews — Access data drawn from a variety of sources to help you compare your operations against peers' blinded metrics and performance, and to conduct in-depth portfolio reviews

Predict the most promising path

Go beyond analysis and reporting to obtain data-driven predictions for forecasting outcomes and positioning your business to its best advantage.

For example, you can use our Data & Analytics Platform to identify a group of cardholders that, based upon their behavior, may be at higher risk of attrition due to specific pricing strategies on a particular card product or portfolio.

Take decisive actions

Leverage highly reliable analysis and predictions to take actions and implement strategies that drive your business forward.

Gain a better understanding of changing trends and influences. Respond to opportunities with fact-based actions — adjusting pricing, implementing promotional campaigns or taking other measures to incentivize desirable customer behaviors.

Maximize your data's value

Our reporting solution has a versatile, agile, customer-centric platform — offering you dynamic dashboards, tools and reports to maximize the value of your data.

Power of the TSYS ecosystem

View Our Connected Ecosystem

The Data & Analytics Platform is part of the TSYS connected ecosystem. Built on open APIs, it eliminates siloed solutions and gives you a valuable 360° view into your consumer and commercial customers' journey.

Our Data & Analytics Platform works seamlessly with a wide range of platforms and solutions — sharing data and workflows — to maximize the benefits you receive.

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Want to make the most of your data?

Let us tell you more about the TSYS Data & Analytics Platform and how you can respond to cardholder needs, while saving time and money.

1. Businesses are drowning in a sea of data
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3. TSYS operations data
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