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Visual Branding

The TSYS® corporate logo is the visual symbol of our brand, one of our most important corporate assets.

As part of our corporate brand strategy, the TSYS logo is protected from misuse by assuring proper, consistent and careful reproduction of the logo wherever it appears. The TSYS corporate logo is a unique pieces of artwork that should not be recreated or typeset.

All uses of the TSYS logo below require the permission of TSYS Corporate Marketing. For approval, please send email to with explanation and example of intended use.


Official TSYS logo for online, presentation and print use:

TSYS Logo | 100x33 JPG

TSYS Logo | 500x67 JPG

Download logo for Electronic Use Only (gif):

TSYS Logo 250x83 GIF

Download logo for Print Use Only (eps):

.eps (675k)

Logo Usage Notes:

The TSYS Logo projects strength, trust and modernity.

The TSYS logo is always used on its own and is never used with a lockup. (The only exception is TSYS Managed Services EMEA due to international legal guidelines.)

The TSYS logo should always be used in a single color: TSYS Navy (PMS 2955C). You can also reverse it out of a color field or photo in white. On a grayscale application, it may be printed in black. Never use any other colors for the logo.

The vertical lines — also called pipe characters — that appear in the logo should never be replicated, especially in written communication. For TSYS to maintain exclusive ownership and rights to use the TSYS logo and name, both are federally registered with the United States’ patent and trademark office. A registration mark '®' should be appended to the logo at all times to protect and indicate its ownership.

When the TSYS company name is used in text, a registration mark should only be appended on first reference. In subsequent references the company name can appear without the registration mark. For example, first reference, 'TSYS®', and subsequent references, 'TSYS.'

For questions about usage and treatment of the TSYS logo, contact