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TSYS Releases 2016 German Consumer Payments Study

Apr 28, 2016

Second report follows the inaugural 2015 research with new findings

COLUMBUS, Ga., and Frankfurt, D.E., 28 April, 2016 — TSYS (NYSE: TSS) today announced the results of its 2016 German Consumer Payment Choice Study. New to the second annual research were findings related to emerging payments. The online survey of more than 500 German consumers found that person-to-person (P2P) payments and lending are moving mainstream, contactless acceptance has grown and Bitcoin has low rates of consumer awareness.

"P2P payments still have relatively low awareness and usage levels when compared to mobile and contactless payments within the German market," said Davide Richetta, German business expansion, TSYS International. "In time, there will be growth in these new and alternative payment methods, but there needs to be more communication to consumers to explain the value and allay any fears they may have around security."

In addition to providing insight into the growth of emerging payments, the study also tracks developments in behaviour and information around consumer preferences for payment and communication methods. Other key findings include:

  • German consumers prefer tools that allow them to proactively monitor, track and manage their accounts. 
  • German consumers consider the idea of paying in instalments a valuable proposition, with a substantial increase in perceived value compared with 2015.
  • The majority of respondents would like to determine the level of offers and discounts they receive from a merchant identified by their bank, with a slight increase in perceived value compared with 2015.
  • The level of contactless payment usage is still low in comparison to other European countries such as the UK. Contactless card security is the overwhelming concern expressed by the majority of respondents.
  • M-payments could increase in the short term if consumers were more informed about tokenisation.

In addition to reporting the results from the German Consumer Payment Choice Study, the report also includes an additional section comparing the German results with those from the recent 2016 U.K. Consumer Payments Study. The research found that there are similarities between both markets, to which pan-European issuers should pay particular attention.

To learn more about German consumer preferences and to get the complete survey results, visit:

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