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Dec 4, 2017

Do you remember the days of the flatbed credit card imprinter? Back then, merchants wrapped up a sale by placing the card under a multi-layer, carbon-copy receipt on the imprinter and manually running a bar over it to “capture” the account information. It was rudimentary, tedious, time consuming — and it wasn’t called a “knucklebuster” for nothing!

Times and technology have really changed since those days. Today, there are still some manual imprinters floating around, and they’re not a bad back-up option if your power or system fails. But most merchants rely on more tech-forward credit card terminals to get the job done with a simple swipe of the card. Receipts are quickly printed out or, in some cases, emailed directly to the customer.

Choosing the right terminal for your credit card processing needs may seem daunting at first, but a reputable and experienced merchant services provider like us can help make the selection easy.

But first, let us bring you up to speed on what’s available in the marketplace today by downloading our eguide.

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