Digital Giving: How to do it Right

Payment processing and Fundraising 101

The growth of mobile technology and social media has transformed the way that people can make contributions to nonprofit organizations.  

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Digital Giving: How to do it Right

Nov 6, 2017

Digital Giving: How to do it Right

Payment processing and Fundraising 101

The growth of mobile technology and social media has transformed the way that people can make contributions to nonprofit organizations. Digital – or online – fundraising is increasing in popularity, and now takes many forms:

Crowdfunding: Getting lots of small contributions from many different people is popular way of funding start-up businesses that would struggle to get major investors.

Donate buttons: These can be added to website, blog postings and even emails.

Online auctions and ticket sales: Fundraising events and auctions are tried-and-true methods of raising money.  These become much more productive when “virtual,” eliminating the cost of actually hosting an event.  Even when the event is actual, efficiencies are boosted when contributors can reserve seats, purchase tickets, or make donations online.

Viral campaigns: With the popularity of online events like the online ice bucket challenge, viral fundraising spreads through word of mouth, typically on blogs and social media.

Text donations: Supporters don’t have to be online or login to a site – they only have to type a very short number and message into their phone.

To be successful, fundraisers today may take advantage of all these opportunities.  At the same time, they must be extremely careful and think about how, when and where people are donating, and how they interact with the online process. The donation process must be simple and rewarding, and make financial sense for both the contributor and the charity.  And with online security such a widespread concern, contributors need to be assured that every step is being taken to protect their personal information and their financial accounts. And to do that, you need the right payment processor.

Make giving easy

If a donor is ready to make a contribution, the last thing you want is to risk losing them.  That means you want to be accessible in the broadest possible variety of ways: from your website, from social media and blogs, from smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Make sure your website is mobile enabled.  With more people making donations on smartphones, you’ll lose donors if your page doesn’t load quickly and properly.  And remember that smartphone users are on the go; if the donation process is too complicated, they will give up. Use short forms that require limited information in order to donate.  Offer fixed donation amounts to make it easy for people, but always include an ‘other amount’ option.  Make sure your fundraising page is linked into your payment processing account to keep the transaction time as short as possible.

And as more and more donors turn to using online donation forms, make certain that the necessary security precautions are in place. Ensure that all sensitive information will be encrypted and transmitted securely and that your site complies with all industry regulations. You want to make it easy for your customers to give: not easy for fraudsters to receive their information.

Tech Tips for Non-Profits:

Find a company that provides you with all the tools and services you need to effectively operate as a successful Non-Profit Payment Facilitator. ProFac ExpressSM from ProPay®, a TSYS® company, is designed with the needs of the not-for-profit client in mind. ProFac Express gives fundraising systems the ability to integrate payment processing securely and quickly. ProFac Express offers three programs ranging from low risk/registration to full-scale registered payment facilitator, and instant online onboarding and underwriting to get your customers up and running and taking payments in minutes vs days or weeks.

For more information on ProFac Express and solutions to help your not-for-profit, contact your ProPay representative.

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