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What business doesn’t want more customers?  Or more loyal customers?  Or customers who spend more money more often?  

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Hey Merchants— get going! How mobile payment processing can help your business

Oct 16, 2017

Mobile Processing

What business doesn’t want more customers?  Or more loyal customers?  Or customers who spend more money more often?

Fortunately, there is a very simple way to accomplish all three: turn your smart phone and/or tablet into a mobile payments device.

With mobile payment processing you can accept credit and debit card payments quickly and easily from any customer in any location.  Think of all the ways this would help your business:

  • If you are selling products or services, you are no longer confined to a single sales location. You can pick up and go to trade shows and fairs; sell at private parties; empower friends and associates to sell for you. You can even sell more inside at a retail location. With mobile processing checkout goes to wherever the customer is, avoiding crowds and lines at the cash register.
  • Restaurant customers can pay at the table, and takeout customers can pay from a kiosk, delivery service or food truck.
  • Service providers can get paid on the job, avoiding the time-consuming billing process and costly chargebacks.
  • Regardless of size, any business can accept payments from customers who don’t carry cash, without investing in costly POS terminals.

The world is slowly becoming a cashless society. To stay competitive, your business has to offer customers the convenience and ability to pay with plastic, wherever and whenever they want. No business can afford to turn away a sale simply because the customer wants to pay with plastic.

If it’s time for your business to get going with mobile processing, TSYS offers customized mobile solutions to help you keep pace with consumer payment preferences.  Choose from a number of fully encrypted and secure card readers, in addition to printers that produce immediate receipts for customers who don’t want to give you their email addresses. TSYS solutions comply with the most stringent industry regulations and maximize the safety and security of transaction and cardholder data.

According to Business Insider, mobile payment volume is expected to grow to $503 billion by 2020. Business Insider also forecasts the number of in-store mobile payment users to reach 150 million by the end of that year.

When it comes to keeping up with consumers, mobile processing with TSYS will mean you never have to limit your ability to close a transaction.

To learn more about a customized solution for your business, talk to a TSYS representative today.

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