Manage Multiple Locations Easily With A POS

How a POS Makes It Easy To Grow A Business
How a Modern Point of Sale Makes Multiple Locations Easy

For nearly every business owner, growth is the goal.  

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Manage Multiple Locations Easily With A POS

Feb 18, 2019

Manage Multiple Locations Easily With A POS

How a POS Makes It Easy To Grow A Business
How a Modern Point of Sale Makes Multiple Locations Easy

For nearly every business owner, growth is the goal. Of course, the definition of “growth” differs for everyone – some dream of doubling profits, while others dream of simply reaching profitability for the first time. But “growth” can also mean opening additional locations. Making such a move is often no small feat for a small business, which most likely lacks the infrastructure that rapidly expanding national chains have. It involves a variety of challenges in administrative, logistics, resource management, and other areas.

Perhaps the best way to simplify this process is to use technology that scales with a company as it grows and allows for simple management across locations. And in this area, there is no better tool than a modern point-of-sale system.

The Evolution of the Point of Sale

For a long time, full-featured point-of-sale (POS) systems only seemed available to massive chains with hundreds of locations. Small and mid-sized businesses often didn’t have the staff or funds necessary to develop or purchase such a system. They could only look on as the larger industry players had the huge advantage of a true POS system.

All that has changed. Modern POS systems are affordable and can be customized to the needs of any business. They’re intuitive enough for employees to learn quickly, and they often feature automatic, remote updates to ensure they stay current. These trends have allowed businesses of every size to take advantage of the tools once available only to the major companies.

And now, these small businesses can use POS systems to grow in a simple, effective way.

Different Locations Need Different Treatment

A modern POS has to scale with a business – but what does that mean? It must be capable of not only providing transparency into performance of different locations, it needs to be able to treat these locations differently and customize their operations. The best POS systems can do this with ease.

Custom discounts and pricing set up are major facets of scalability. If a company has locations in two states hundreds of miles apart, it’s massively inefficient to have a POS system that does allow for varied pricing by location.

Consider a clothing store. Perhaps one location has a surplus of one particular style of shirt while another is running low — the first location may want to price that item to sell, while the other wants to keep prices steady. With a modern POS, it should be a simple process to adjust prices by location.

Another example: think of a sporting goods store with locations in both Denver and Miami. Clearly, these locations will have drastically different weather at the same time of year, and as a result, will not be selling the same items all the time. Tracking and pricing items differently from location to location is easy, but only if a business has the right POS to do it.

Seeing Everything At Once

These complex tasks can only be accomplished if the POS has a powerful, intuitive dashboard. In the past, POS systems often had arcane and confusing interfaces, and the tracking and reporting was a difficult task.

Modern POS systems are easy to use, and they offer a full range of analytics and reporting in a single place. Extensive back-office reporting features allow for total visibility into all different locations, to shed light on which locations are performing well, and which need help. And with everything in a single location, it’s easy to make changes.

Now, Businesses Can Focus On What They Love

By simplifying these tasks – minimizing the need to reach out to so many employees, instead working on inventory, discounts, pricing, and more in one single location with a few easy clicks – a modern POS allows every business to create huge new efficiencies.

And in streamlining these processes, it frees up a company to focus instead on the core of their business, and what they’re truly passionate about—what’s really important.

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