TSYS Celebrates Team Appreciation Week Around the Globe

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TSYS Celebrates Team Appreciation Week Around the Globe

Jun 19, 2019

TSYS Celebrates Team Appreciation Week Around the Globe

TSYS team member Laura Grantham has a closet full of TSYS themed T-shirts. That's what happens when you work at a company like TSYS for more than 20 years. You accumulate a wardrobe full of tees and other apparel.

Most of the T-shirts that Grantham has were given to her from TSYS in celebration of the company's annual Team Appreciation Week (TAW). This year TAW was held in the spring around the globe with a theme of "The Greatest Team on Earth." At our corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ga., a carnival atmosphere was created complete with clowns, jugglers and acrobats. Team members enjoyed free food, music, dancing and other fun.

"This year's Team Appreciation Week was a great success," said Rob Ward, senior vice president of Corporate Marketing and Culture. "Every year we celebrate our thousands of team members around the world with week-long activities and events. It's our way of saying thank you to the greatest team on earth!"

TSYS Celebrates Team Appreciation Week

Grantham and her team definitely caught the spirit of the week, taking the opportunity to connect through a bit of extra fun.

"I loved the energy that the carnival theme created," said Grantham, a director in Managed Services. "It was a great week for all team members."

On the last day of Team Appreciation Week, managers are encouraged to spend part of the day away from the office with their team members. Some teams have picnics, others go bowling or participate in other fun activities.

For Grantham, she took her team to a local art shop called Brushes & Beverages where they all painted pictures on canvas – in her case, a portrait of her dog.

Futsal with friends

Elsewhere, at our office in Nicosia, Cyprus, team members organized a futsal tournament for TAW. Futsal is a game similar to soccer but the ball, playing field and goals are smaller. More than 20 people participated in the tournament and many others showed up to cheer on their favorite teams and players.

Futsal tournament in Nicosia, Cyprus.

"It was great to get outdoors and participate in some friendly competition," said Yiannis Christodoulides, a sales manager and organizer of the event. "It was our second annual tournament and it was a lot of fun."

Food and festivities

At Austin, Texas-based Netspend, TSYS' brand offering prepaid cards and other consumer solutions, team members enjoyed a week of fun, food and festivities. Many departments went to various entertainment venues to have lunch and play games. Plus, the Netspend house band, The Mag Stripes, performed at a company-wide event. And all team members received Netspend-branded socks and vests.

Jenga in York

As part of Team Appreciation Week in York, England 12 teams participated in a Jenga tournament held over two days.

Dave Robson and Renata Burdon won their semi-final match against Sophie Harrison and William Roe in a game lasting more than 45 minutes and the tower reaching an epic 30 levels before finally succumbing to gravity. The second semi-final was in stark contrast with the wooden blocks clattering to the floor in just under 10 minutes as Nathan Maude and James Wright lost to Thomas Kaufmann and Kieran Richards.

Jenga tournament in York.

In the finals, both teams displayed steady hands, nerves of steel and daring dexterity as the tower gradually grew skyward. After a fraught 30 minutes and many near topples, Dave and Renata emerged victorious and took the accolade of being the 2019 Jenga champions.

Fun camaraderie

Whether it's games, outdoor activities, bowling or eating lunch together, TSYS team members know how to have fun for Team Appreciation Week. It's an annual tradition that allows team members to bond with each other both at work and away from the office. And, of course, everybody gets TSYS-themed T-shirts!