TSYS Educational and Scholarship Programs Make an Impact Worldwide

It's part of our corporate culture to lift students up in our communities through a variety of educational programs, scholarships and partnerships.

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TSYS Educational and Scholarship Programs Make an Impact Worldwide

Aug 15, 2018

TSYS Educational and Scholarship Programs Make an Impact Worldwide

At TSYS, we care passionately about education and helping others. It's part of our corporate culture to lift students up in our communities through a variety of educational programs, scholarships and partnerships. Our support of education is driven by a desire to prepare our future workforce and to help students achieve their career goals.

From the United States to India to the United Kingdom and around the world, TSYS team members consistently volunteer to help students at local schools with outreach programs such as career days, tutoring, fundraising, school supply drives and reading in the classroom.

In York, England, for example, TSYS team members regularly visit schools in the area and provide insight and guidance on personal finance to 16- and 17-year olds as they prepare to go to universities, apprenticeships or work.

In Cyprus, Nicosia, TSYS team members engage in school supply drives for students at a local special needs school.

In Pune, India, our team members annually conduct book and school supply drives for the underprivileged children at two local orphanages.

Our ongoing effort to champion education is one reason why TSYS was named to the Civic 50 for the fifth consecutive time in 2018. The Civic 50 recognizes the most community-minded companies in the U.S., and is spearheaded by Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service.

"This accomplishment is the direct result of our team members, who invest their time and tremendous talents into improving the quality of life in the communities where we do business," said Troy Woods, chairman, president and chief executive officer at TSYS.

Below are more examples of how TSYS and our team members promote and stay involved in educational endeavors throughout our communities.

TSYS and Netspend award scholarships

Thanks to the contributions of TSYS team members and friends of TSYS, the TSYS Future Scholars Foundation, Inc. will award $163,000 in scholarships to 42 deserving college students for the 2018-19 school year. The TSYS Future Scholars program highlights our company's commitment to supporting higher education through a scholarship program for the children of TSYS team members.

The scholarship is designed to reward the well-rounded student who strives for high academic achievement, devotes time to worthwhile extracurricular activities and is involved in meaningful community service.

Since 2008, the TSYS Foundation has awarded more than $1 million in scholarship money to 604 college students of our team members. The money for the foundation is raised every year by team members through events such as bake sales, golf outings and silent auctions.

Elsewhere, Netspend, a TSYS subsidiary based in Austin, Texas, recently awarded $248,057 in scholarships to 105 of its customers. Scholarship recipients are pursuing certifications and degrees in fields such as cybersecurity, teaching, healthcare, criminal justice, nursing and psychology.

Since the launch of the Netspend Scholarship Program in 2016, a total of 151 scholarships have been awarded to Netspend customers.

Backpacks and Kits for Kids

Every year at our corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ga., TSYS participates in the United Way's Stuff the Bus campaign to provide backpacks stuffed with school supplies to area students in kindergarten through second grade.

In 2018, TSYS team members collected 3,178 stuffed backpacks, shattering the campaign goal of 1,800. In 2017, our contribution was 2,771 stuffed backpacks.

Stuff the Bus

"Our annual United Way campaign is where we give with our wallets. Stuff the Bus is where we give with our hearts," said Keith Pierce, TSYS executive vice president and chief operations officer of Issuer Solutions.

At our Charlotte, N.C., location, instead of backpacks, TSYS team member Joe Nezezon spearheaded a Kits for Kids drive in support of Classroom Central, a foundation that helps students living in poverty learn more effectively by collecting and distributing free school supplies.

In December, 20 team members donated their time and effort to help assemble flash card kits that included shapes, numbers and letters. The group collected more than 100 kits that were distributed to high-poverty schools.

Education Council promotes technology learning

At TSYS, the focus on education stems from the top down with our executives sponsoring many of our initiatives. In July 2017, we formed the TSYS Education Council with the objectives of building relationships with local high schools in the Columbus area and developing a local talent pipeline of software developers.

The goal is to introduce the students to information technology and the intriguing world of computer science and software code. At TSYS, we have a robust community of software developers, and we anticipate the need for more programmers to increase over time as our company continues to grow and innovate.

"It's critical that we plant seeds early with today's youth about technology, programming and the opportunities at TSYS," said Patty Watson, chief information officer at TSYS and executive sponsor of the Education Council. "Studies show children who are not exposed to computer science before college are not likely to pursue a career in this field."

So far our educational outreach program has been successful and rewarding. Since last summer we have touched the lives of thousands of high school students through computer programming instruction, facility tours, career days, job shadowing and internships.

Patty Watson speaks at the opening of the TSYS Center for Cybersecurity at Columbus State University.

Aligned with Columbus State University

Also included in our technology partnership with schools is our unique relationship with Columbus State University (CSU). In 2015, TSYS donated $5 million to CSU to develop the TSYS Center for Cybersecurity at the Turner College of Business, and to establish the TSYS Endowment for Excellence.

We hope our investment in our local college will create the next generation of cybersecurity professionals who can prevent and defend business and government from the ongoing threat of cyber-attacks.

Partners in education

In Columbus, team members annually invest hundreds of volunteer hours to aid students at our two partner-in-education (PIE) schools — Shaw High School and Downtown Elementary Magnet Academy (DEMA). From tutoring to reading in the classroom to helping students write resumes and complete college applications, team members stay engaged with students on a year-round basis.

Volunteering for educational competitions

Myrna Johnson is a web product specialist at TSYS in Tempe, Ariz. She serves on the boards of two education-related non-profits. The SMART Education Foundation supports high school team competition in engineering disciplines. Future City Arizona conducts middle school competition in the areas of math, science and engineering.

Johnson said she loves volunteering with the educational non-profits because it is rewarding and inspiring. "It's all worthwhile when you see a student who gets sparked from the experience of competition," she said.

Women helping girls

Members of the TSYS Women's Network in Electronic Transactions (Wnet) organization were recently honored with a 2018 Community Service Award by the Courier Eco Latina newspaper for their service to Girls Inc. in Columbus and Kennesaw, Ga.

The women of Wnet volunteered for a nine-month program to teach middle and high school girls about financial literacy and money management. Most of the girls who attend Girls Inc. come from single-parent or low-income families.

These are just some examples of how TSYS and our team members are committed to promoting education and helping others. Service to others is in our corporate DNA

In fact, that's why we created the Phil Tomlinson Heart of TSYS Award, named in honor of our retired Chairman and CEO, who personified the heart of TSYS through a lifetime of selfless service to others and his community. This award recognizes our top team members who go above and beyond to help others and give back to their community.