This is how we TSYS

In a fast-changing world, our culture keeps us ahead of the curve.

The world of payments is changing.

When TSYS first opened its doors, business was local and cash was king.

Now, the payments industry is globalized. There are thousands of different technologies, with new ones entering the market almost every day.

We’ve played a big part in that change. We were a startup long before people talked about startups. But past success is no guarantee of future prosperity. As the payments industry keeps evolving, how do we stay on top?

The answer lies in our culture. The way we do things — the way you do things — shapes our success and helps us meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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We’re people-centered, performance-driven.

We unlock possibilities in every payment, because those possibilities improve people’s lives and businesses.

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Our culture puts people at the center of payments.

Everything we do revolves around people: our team, our customers, our partners, and the consumers and businesses who benefit from our innovations.

And we’re just as people-centered internally. Our success depends on everyone at TSYS. That’s why we work hard to build strong, supportive relationships with our customers and each other.

The other side of our culture?
Getting things done.

Across every part of TSYS, we’re driven by performance: the desire to do more today than we did yesterday. And to push even further tomorrow.

Achieving that means staying focused on what our customers need — often before they even realize those needs themselves — by building and delivering innovations around those requirements.

People-centered, performance-driven. We wouldn’t do things any other way.

Our Values. They're what we stand for.

Our culture is rooted in our values. These are the things we hold dear and aspire to every day.

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We lead the way for our industry. No one is better positioned to anticipate — and build — the future of payments. We’re always developing new ways to help our partners meet customers’ needs.

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Why dedicate ourselves to anything less than the highest standards? We take pride in our commitment to delivering the exceptional service our customers deserve, every day.

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We grow alongside our customers as partners in their progress. When they succeed, we succeed. So by focusing on their needs, everyone can benefit: our customers, our team members and our shareholders alike.

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People know they can trust TSYS. When we make a promise, we follow it through. And we do business in a way that’s transparent, respectful and fair.

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We value and nurture strong, supportive relationships with every team member, customer, partner and neighbor. Because without people, nothing else works.

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What do we do?
We keep money moving.

They say money makes the world go round. Well, we’re the people who make the money go round.

We’ve been making money move since day one — and we’re just getting started. By focusing on performance, and on people, we’re unlocking payment possibilities every day.

Our people and technology make sure every payment experience is safe, easy, fast and 'always on.' We give financial institutions the tools and solutions they need to issue a huge range of payment products. We help businesses take payments and help people manage their money.

In short, when it comes to payments, we do it all — everything from processing credit, debit and prepaid cards to accepting payments online and in-store to managing customer service calls. We also tackle risk, fraud and program management for card programs of all types.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our culture of performance propels us forward, helping us improve people’s lives in new ways.

Understanding our business

At TSYS, we support three different types of customers:


We provide financial institutions — as well as major retailers and other payment providers — with the solutions they need to offer smart, secure payments.


We help businesses accept payments in ways that work for them, their customers and their partners.


We offer individuals and businesses a variety of payment options to help manage their money through Netspend, our prepaid brand.

A world leader in payments

Every year, we make trillions of dollars move around the world, processing billions of transactions for millions of consumers and businesses. We have approximately 13,000 team members and local offices across 13 countries.

We serve issuers

No. 1 Third-Party Issuer Solutions Provider in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland and China*
(*through our joint venture with CUP Data)

We serve consumers

No. 2 U.S. Prepaid Program Manager

We serve merchants

No. 5 U.S. Acquirer for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Awards and recognition

One of the Best Companies to Work For1

Fortune 1000 Company

One of the World’s Most Ethical Companies2

S&P 500 Company

The Civic 50

Top 10 Fintech Company3

Top 100 Global
Technology Leader4

  1. America’s Best Employers 2017 & 2018, Forbes
  2. Ethisphere Institute
  3. IDC Financial Insights 2017 & 2018
  4. Thomson Reuters 2018

The services we offer our customers are built on three pillars.

These form the foundation of all that we do and set us apart from our competitors:

Trusted performance

We are the global leaders for highly secure, high-performance systems people can depend on for seamless payments and robust data protection. We are known for operational excellence and integrity, both in our people and in our technology.

People-centered innovation

We anticipate the future of commerce and develop transformational technologies to give our customers more satisfying experiences. We accelerate speed to market, enabling easy integration with innovative partners worldwide.

Proactive partnership

We invest time to understand our customers' businesses and bring decades of payment expertise to make a positive impact. We recruit, train and invest in high-performing talent to deliver the highest level of service.

Photo of three people collaborating in casual business environment

It all starts
with you.

Our business and brand are both crucial to our success. But it's our culture and values that are threaded throughout everything we do. They're what we have in common, and what we aspire to — day in, day out.

This is what makes us TSYS. And it starts with you.

Our team comprises thousands of members around the globe. Over the next few pages, we'll share real-life examples of our culture and values at work.

There are stories like these all across TSYS — because there are people like these all across TSYS. People who see the possibilities in every payment and dedicate themselves to bringing those possibilities to life.

for excellence.

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Andrea Litchfield
Head of Site, Coventry

Andrea Litchfield, Head of Site - Coventry

Excellence, Andrea's Story

What's the key to building excellent customer relationships? That's the question Andrea and her team answer every day. She oversees one of our biggest credit card issuing customers in the UK, Nationwide Building Society.

"It's all about going above and beyond," says Andrea. "We're proactive. We always try to get ahead of problems, so we can fix them before they happen."

Thanks to this attitude, Andrea and her team were awarded the inaugural Arthur Webb Partner Shield award. The award recognizes TSYS as Nationwide's very best supplier — a testament to the strong relationship that has been built up over many years.

Andrea attributes this success to the TSYS culture. "Everyone is pushing themselves to do even better," she says. "We're encouraged to deliver excellence for our customers, and I very much enjoy that."

comes from everywhere.

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Gavin Rosenberg
Vice President, Product Marketing

Gavin Rosenberg, Vice President - Product Marketing

Innovation, Gavin's Story

Innovation put TSYS where it is today. And to be where we want to be tomorrow, we have to keep pushing forward.

"We're going through an evolution in how we use technology to solve problems," says Gavin. "It's driven by user experiences. Everything we do needs to be intuitive and user focused. And we have to keep getting better."

Gavin's job is to make sure our products solve real-world problems for customers. He points to the Genius and Vital platforms as two examples of how we're doing this.

"Products like these give businesses simple, connected user experiences," he says. "Suddenly, the payment tools they need are all in one place — so they can get on with running their business."

Gavin sees our value of innovation as the key to solving more and more problems for customers in the future.

"Innovation doesn't happen in a silo — it needs to be part of the way everyone works."

Integrity: The power of doing the right thing.

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Will Land
Senior Risk & Compliance Analyst

Will Land, Senior Risk & Compliance Analyst

Integrity, Will's Story

Integrity is fundamental to all that we do at TSYS. And it always has been.

"We put people first," explains Will. "That's been at the heart of our business from day one."

Ethics is a huge part of this. For several consecutive years, we've been named to the Ethisphere Institute's list of the World's Most Ethical Companies, which recognizes businesses that drive positive change within themselves and their community.

As Will explains, this is about doing the right thing — but it also makes good business sense.

"Customers want to work with a company they can trust," he explains. "Marketing, sales and growth all benefit. By focusing on integrity, we're making TSYS stronger."

Building relationships that change lives.

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Lynda Lerma
Manager, Employee & Community Engagement

Lynda Lerma, Manager - Employee & Community Engagement

Relationships, Lynda's Story

How would you choose to give away tens of thousands of dollars? That's the incredible job Lynda has every holiday season.

Lynda has been associated with Netspend’s Community Connect program since it began. Instead of hosting a holiday party, the team spends one day each year doing good deeds for local residents — from buying groceries to filling gas tanks.

"Community outreach is my passion," Lynda says. "I've wanted to do this kind of work all my life, and I'm so lucky my job has put me here."

Community Connect helps Netspend team members understand their customers and the challenges they face. And it doesn't stop there.

Lynda's big-hearted team also awards life-changing scholarships and supports a range of local charities. It makes an incredible difference to the community — and to the team.

"Seeing everyone's faces when we're out in the community giving back, it really fills my heart. I have people asking me what else they can do all year long," she says. In other words: everyone benefits.

"Happy team members make happy customers," says Lynda. "I see it over and over again. We're a bright light in the community. When people look at TSYS, they see we care."

Growth happens when everyone at TSYS can thrive.

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Gail Burgos
Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Gail Burgos, Sr. Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Growth, Gail's Story

As our senior diversity and inclusion manager, Gail champions our open and supportive workplace culture.

"I may lead this work — but we all have a role to play," says Gail.

How do we create an environment like this?

"We all need to consider how our actions impact those around us and work toward positive change," Gail explains. "Creating an environment of true inclusion takes deliberate attention and engagement every day."

The result is a workplace in which everyone feels valued, supported and empowered.

"Diversity creates a competitive advantage for companies, and paves the way to greater growth and prosperity — not only for the organization but also for team members," says Gail.

And that's good for all of us. Because when everyone here feels able to thrive and grow, so will TSYS.

Photo of two people collaborating in a casual business environment
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Our pledge
at the heart of TSYS

We've never seen TSYS as just a business. Everyone here cares about doing right by people — customers, colleagues and partners.

We measure everything we do against this philosophy. It's the heart of our business: getting to know our customers, understanding what they need and delivering above and beyond.

Our TSYS Customer Covenant sums this up in the form of a commitment to our customers — and to ourselves. It's a pledge we honor every day.

Our Customer Convenant

Through partnership and expertise, we'll help you unlock the possibilities of payments. You can trust us to be honest and transparent, and depend on us for stability and security. We will hold ourselves to uncompromising standards. We will never settle, never make do. We will earn your trust, and your business, every day.

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Where next?
The world of payments will keep evolving at a rapid pace. Here’s what we need to do to stay at the forefront.

Invest in innovation

Innovation made TSYS what it is today — and it's the key to our future success. That's why we'll keep investing in tomorrow's payments technology.

Meet every challenge

Some companies fear competition. We thrive on it. Guided by our values, we'll anticipate disruption and take on big challenges in our ever-evolving market.

Act as trusted advisors

Some customers may still see us solely as a payments processing vendor. But a closer look will show them we can offer so much more. We'll keep building deeper partnerships with every customer, providing expert advice and guidance to help drive their performance forward.

Stay true to our culture and values

In a fast-moving world, it's easy to lose sight of who you are. To avoid this, we'll always put the things we stand for front and center.

Unlock payment possibilities to even more people

In the end, it all comes down to helping people. To anticipating what they will need, and being the first to answer those needs. That's why we come to work every day. Whatever we do next, and wherever TSYS goes, we'll be driven by the needs of the people we serve.

Troy Woods, TSYS President and CEO
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Thank you
for making TSYS better and better.

There's no other company like TSYS. So what makes us unique? Whenever people ask me to describe our culture, I have a simple response: "Ask anyone who works here."

We're a friendly, open company, built by people who care about each other. We take what we do seriously — and we're fun to work with. (I hear that from customers all the time.)

We care about each other and support each other. We put people first, and we always push to do more for those we serve.

These are the qualities that make TSYS so special. They've served us well through decades of change and growth, and they'll keep us true to ourselves in the future.

I'm unbelievably proud to be part of this team. To work with people who live this culture every day is a privilege.

So wherever you are, and however long you've been part of the TSYS family, thank you. Thank you for making TSYS what it is today, and for helping shape what it will become tomorrow.

This is how We TSYS!!

Troy Woods signature
Troy Woods
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

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The future of TSYS is in safe hands.
Because it's in your hands.

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