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Partner Program for Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions Partner Program

In a dynamic economic climate, financial institutions face new challenges, including revenue growth, new customer acquisition and enhancing customer service. TSYS® is a non-bank-owned electronic payment merchant services provider with more than 30 years of industry experience. We help thousands of sales partner branch locations compete for new customers every day.   

Customized Sales Programs

TSYS offers four distinct merchant services plans for financial institutions. Each plan provides a different level of collaboration between TSYS and your institution. 

  • Agent Bank Program: Your institution sells TSYS’ merchant services directly to your business customers. TSYS provides full-service support with essential services. Plan benefits include credit review within hours of application completion, comprehensive partner sales support, comprehensive online reporting 24/7 and fee income opportunities. 
  • Referral Bank Program: Our no-liability program provides essential services for your institution to refer your business customers to TSYS for a full package of merchant services. Plan benefits include monthly residual payments for processed sales, credit review within 12 hours of application completion, monthly merchant reports and comprehensive partner sales support. 
  • RSA Partner Program: TSYS sales reps sell merchant services programs to your business customers. Your institution earns deposit and non-interest revenue without significant cost investment. Plan benefits include competitive revenue-based pricing, comprehensive partner sales support, and cross-selling and retention opportunities. 
  • Customized Hybrid Program: Design a merchant services support plan that works with your financial institution. You maintain face-to-face contact with your business customers while TSYS assigns an internal account executive to handle analysis, pricing, product and sales support in the background. Plan benefits include revenue split between TSYS and financial institution, comprehensive partner sales support and merchant application processing.

FI Support Programs

TSYS’ in-house financial institutions support team works with your sales staff to maximize new customer acquisition and current customer retention. Your own TSYS dedicated support team will assist you and your clients.


TSYS’ proprietary reporting tools help both the financial institution and its merchants manage payment transactions through a variety of comprehensive reports, available online 24/7.

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