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Operations & Support for Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions Operations & Support  

TSYS® provides its financial institution partners with a comprehensive package of operations and support services.


Operations services include:

  • Terminal Authorizations and Settlement: TSYS uses three front-end providers for transaction authorization and capture, as well as our own proprietary electronic gateway.
  • Merchant Funding: Settled batches are processed and submitted to the card associations or companies for next-day funding. 
  • Liability: TSYS assumes all liability for associations and their members. 
  • Risk Management: TSYS monitors daily activity with 24 merchant-specific factors designed to uncover potentially fraudulent credit and debit card transactions.
  • Merchant Application and Credit Review: Credit decisions on completed applications received by noon MT will be made the same day. 
  • Merchant Statements: TSYS mails statements on approximately the 5th business day of each month and debits merchants on the 10th business day of each month. Your institution’s name and address are printed on statements and space is available for custom messages.
  • Chargebacks: TSYS will contact the merchant within 24 hours of a chargeback retrieval request. If the chargeback is valid, TSYS will notify the merchant four calendar days prior to debiting the merchant account.
  • TransLink: TSYS’ proprietary web-based reporting tool helps both the association and its members manage payment transactions through a variety of comprehensive reports, available 24/7.


TSYS supports its financial institution partners with an in-house partner support team that works directly with the association staff to help maximize new acquisitions and retention. Members of this highly experienced team include a portfolio manager, an account manager, a client relations representative and a new applications representative.

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