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Genius® is a technology that combines payment processing and customer experience into one cloud-based platform. With Genius, any business can provide a world-class checkout experience to its customers.

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Payment solutions that work for your business

Credit, debit, EMV®/chip cards, gift cards, mobile payments, HSA and FSA cards.
Keep cardholder data off the POS and better secure your systems with full encryption and tokenization.
Automatic cloud updates ensure you have the latest features and functionality with no downtime.

Three unique devices, one great platform.

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Genius Countertop Product Photo
Genius Handheld Product Photo
Genius Mini Product Photo Genius Mini™
Go anywhere
One small device accepts any payment type, anywhere.
Android or iOS, Wi-Fi or cellular, Bluetooth ® or audio jack.
Genius Countertop Product Photo Genius Countertop™
Faster checkout
EMV/chip card transactions in seconds.
Improved engagement
Offers, rewards, on-screen ads, surveys and more.
Genius Handheld Product Photo Genius Handheld™
Evolved customer experience
Customers check-out in line, in aisle, or on the sidewalk.
Smaller footprint
Reduce checkout space requirements with this device.

Easily and securely accept online payments with Genius Checkout™

Genius Checkout is an e-commerce payment solution that integrates with any business’s existing website or mobile app. This secure shopping cart plug-in allows you to quickly and easily accept payments online.

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Seamless payment experiences anywhere with our Unified Commerce Solution Suite™

Our Unified Commerce Solution Suite connects every channel, so you can deliver seamless experiences to your customers, no matter where they are. With unified commerce, the payment experience is easy, secure and eliminates any friction in the buying process.

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Reinvent your checkout experience with Genius:

  • Accept any payment type
  • Speed up the checkout
  • Boost engagement
  • Enhance data security
  • Implement effortlessly
  • Receive ongoing value

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Genius Support

Find solutions, FAQ's, and instruction guides for Genius devices and merchant accounts.  

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