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Genius Smart P2PE™


Maximum security. Simplified compliance.

Genius Smart P2PE™ is a PCI-certified point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution that helps ensure your customers’ data remains safe and secure. Available on select Genius Countertop® devices, Genius Smart P2PE encrypts card data the instant a card is read, and makes sure that payment information is not at risk.

Although many payment solutions encrypt data in a variety of different ways, P2PE-validated solutions must be reviewed and approved by the PCI Security Standards Council. That’s why Genius Smart P2PE can actually reduce your scope when it comes to PCI standards – bringing simplicity to an otherwise complicated compliance process.

Smart P2PE Genius Device Photo

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Genius Smart P2PE is currently available on the following Genius devices:

  • Genius Countertop MX 915
  • Genius Countertop MX 925

Here’s why choosing a Genius Smart P2PE certified solution is
the right choice for your business:

Maximize your data security
Validated encryption of cardholder data makes it nearly impossible for it to be stolen or intercepted.

Simplify PCI compliance efforts
Make annual or semi-annual compliance audits easier for your business.

Minimize risk
Lower your fraud risk by following all instructions in the P2PE manual.
Reduce PCI self-assessment questionnaire
Lower your PCI self-assessment questionnaire sections from 12 to 4 during an audit.

Decrease PCI control questions
Reduce control questions during PCI audits from 329 to 35.

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