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Merchant Basics

Merchant Processing Basics

Whether you’re new to the world of small business credit card processing or an old pro with years of experience, there are likely to be aspects of the industry that are unfamiliar to you. TSYS® is ready to assist with a library of helpful articles that explain what you need to know in easy-to-understand terms. 

From the basics of merchant accounts, merchant services and accepting credit card payments to more advanced information about electronic payment systems, credit card swipe readers, virtual terminals and online credit card processing, TSYS has got you covered.

When you’re ready to know more about credit card payment systems, TSYS is ready to help. Fill out the form on this page and one of our trained consultants will be in touch to help you through the application process. 

Check out some of these topics:

Visa Purchase Return Authorization Summary

Get the information about Visa Purchase Return Authorization.  Visa is introducing an authorization requirement for return transactions.
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FAQ’s for Visa Claims Resolution

Get the facts about Visa Claims Resolution and how it impacts you.
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The Top 10 Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

Businesses that accept credit and debit cards can benefit in many ways. Here are ten for starters.
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How Do I Start Accepting Credit Cards?

The process is easier, quicker and more affordable than you may think. We provide a step-by-step introduction.
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How to Choose a Merchant Account Provider

Choosing the right merchant services provider for your business needs is made easier when you follow these guidelines.
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Changing Your Merhant Account Provider

If you’re not happy with your current processor, you do have other options. Find out what TSYS has to offer.
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How to Choose the Right Credit Card Terminal

Check out this comprehensive review of the many types of terminals that are available and which best meet your needs.
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Merchant Account Basics

What you need to know about merchant accounts, including which type will work best for your processing requirements.
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Four Key Points of a Successful E-commerce Site

Important information about your website, your merchant account, your shopping cart and your secure payment gateway.
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Internet Credit Card Processing - Frequently Asked Questions

Get the facts about accepting credit cards online with TSYS' electronic payment gateway.
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Credit Card Processing for Websites and Online Sales

We cover the ins and outs of online processing and how it differs from accepting credit cards in traditional POS retail.
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Internet Payment Gateway and How It Works

An online Internet payment gateway enables you to process in real time via any device with Internet connection.
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How Electronic Check Payment Processing Works

New technology turns a paper check into an e-check, simplifying the process and getting you paid quicker.
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Breach Protection

“Data breach protection” are three words that should be foremost in the minds of all business owners. Here’s why.
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Batch Processing

Batch processing is the settlement stage of credit card processing that begins after a transaction is authorized.
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Merchant Account Fees Defined

The fees associated with a merchant account can be confusing; we explain each term you’re likely to encounter.
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Partial Authorization

A partial authorization occurs when there are insufficient funds on a payment card to cover a transaction in full.
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