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How Do I Start Accepting Credit Cards?

How Do I Start Accepting Credit Cards?

Many businesses begin as cash-only ventures. But in order to grow your customer base and revenue it could be time to start accepting credit and debit cards.

These days most people don’t carry cash, instead they use alternate methods of payment such as credit or debit cards. And merchants that accept credit cards often discover customers using cards will spend more, especially on impulse purchases.  

If you’re interested in accepting credit cards, read the information below and contact TSYS®. We’re ready to help you with a merchant account set up and start up so you can start accepting credit cards at your business.  

How to Accept Credit Cards

Before accepting credit cards you need to set up a merchant account. This is done through a payment processor such as TSYS and it’s an account separate from your bank account. This account is an agreement between you, a merchant bank and a payment processor like TSYS, and is used for settling credit card and/or debit card transactions.

Once you have a merchant account, you need hardware and software to process cards. Both the hardware and software equipment has to be PCI compliant, which means it has to meet all the payment card industry security standards. At TSYS, we work with you to make sure you have the right equipment and software to process payments efficiently and securely

Point-of-Sale Terminals

For a retail merchant, a POS (point-of-sale) terminal is the most common way to accept credit cards when a card is present, or the cardholder is at the terminal using the card. There’s a wide array of point-of-sale terminals available and TSYS can help you determine the best one for your needs.


Online shopping means merchants accepting card-not-present transactions, or the customer and the merchant are in two different locations. You can accept card-not-present transactions and process right from your desktop by transforming your PC or laptop into a “virtual terminal.” You can also process swiped credit card transactions using your computer’s web browser, an internet connection and a USB credit card swipe reader.


Mobile credit card processing takes a smartphone or tablet and turns it into a handheld terminal that functions just like the countertop POS version. Once you have a TSYS merchant account for mobile processing, you simply download our app to your mobile device and you’re ready to start accepting all major credit cards in a convenient way for you and your customers.


Credit card processing software makes all types of transactions easy to track. Whether the transaction is face-to-face, through the web or it’s a wireless transaction, processing software is necessary and makes accepting credit cards simple. Your TSYS representative can explain the type of software that you need and get you setup to start processing credit cards.

Now that you’re informed, open a TSYS merchant account today. Just complete our merchant account application and soon you can be accepting credit cards, taking your business and financial future to the next level!

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