Simple, seamless digital wallet provisioning

Instantly push cards to your cardholder’s digital wallet—directly through your mobile app. Easy card access can lead to immediate spend and greater share of wallet.

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One end-to-end solution. Maximum flexibility.

Our single-source tokenization and provisioning card-to-wallet experience makes life easier for you, and your customers.

Immediate spending

Everything your customer needs, all in one place—from leveraging your mobile app’s one-time-password (OTP) authentication to handling device token lifecycle management and more. Our wallet provisioning solution instantly issues digital cards for immediate spending and reduces the need for card mailers.

Enhanced cardholder experience

Fast, trouble-free onboarding. Seamless sign-in. A simple, intuitive interface with exceptional transaction speed. Shoppers can enjoy an easy card-to-wallet process—and start spending immediately.

Extended reach

Increase cardholder stickiness and power more transactions. Secure top-of-wallet status through Apple Pay and Google Wallet integrations. Capture greater spend for both digital wallet and card-not-present (CNP) payments to keep your cardholder base active and growing.

Improved security

When you eliminate the need for customers to carry physical cards, you minimize the likelihood of fraudulent transactions and reduce costs from lost or stolen card replacements. A win for you, and your customers.

How it works


Cardholder logs into the mobile app and navigates to ‘Add Card to Wallet.’


Cardholder selects card to add to their digital wallet of choice.


Cardholder selects their preferred wallet, and confirms card information to instantly add it to their wallet. Additional information may be required for authentication depending on issuer rules.


Cardholder can choose to set your card as their default. A real-time notification then confirms their card was added to their wallet and is ready for use.


Cardholder can make purchases via digital wallet on all supported channels.

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Flexible integration

Shorten time to market with fast, flexible implementation options. Whether you're looking to build your solution internally, streamline development with our flexible APIs and microservices, or license our APIs, we have the solution for you.

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