Green banking and the future

Monday, November 07, 2022

How TSYS and ecolytiq are ensuring a better tomorrow

The reality of climate change and the risks it poses continue to be a hot topic around the kitchen table and in the boardroom. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are becoming more relevant each day for financial institutions. As individual consumers look to minimize their environmental footprint, financial institutions also want to make a positive impact on the communities they serve.

We are one of many companies who have been actively investing in solutions that help you fulfill those commitments in innovative ways. One such way is through green banking, a strategy that promotes environmental-friendly practices and reduces the carbon footprint from banking activities. Also called ethical banking or sustainable banking, the strategy considers all ESG factors as part of banking operations with a goal of both profit and environmental protection.

Green banking and the hope for a better future drive the experts at ecolytiq, one of our newest partners. ecolytiq developed its Sustainability-as-a-Service® solution to keep pace with the growing urgency of climate change. With this solution, you can show your customers the impact their purchases have on the environment by enriching payment transaction data with carbon footprint calculations, allowing them—and you—to make more informed and sustainable decisions.

Personalized views of environmental impact

Leveraging decades of experience in payment, banking, loyalty and scalable data analytics systems, ecolytiq provides the digital infrastructure for you to drive climate action through carbon footprinting, offsetting, and ESG investing to your customers. Ultimately, your customers gain a personalized view of their impact on the environment, driven by their transaction activities.

Using a proprietary algorithm and methodology that analyzes payment transactions in real time, transaction data reveals how individual lifestyle choices and habits impact climate change. This level of transparency makes your customers more conscious of their consumption behavior and inspires them towards climate-positive lifestyle changes, including decisions on everyday products or experiences they purchase. For example, frequent flights and online shopping (and the delivery of those items) have a considerable impact on a person’s carbon footprint and individual influence on global warming.

Through refinement features, smart insights and behavioral nudging technologies, ecolytiq’s Sustainability-as-a-Service® helps your customers make better purchasing decisions as part of their green banking journey. You can encourage them to offset their environmental footprint by donating to certified environmental organizations via a marketplace, and keep them engaged through regular progress updates. You can even recommend profile-based ESG investments that align with your customers’ personal interests and values for environmental and social causes.

Future-proofing your business for the future of the planet

Our innovative offering with ecolytiq is future-proofing your banking strategy for the future of the planet. Consumers’ behavioral change towards eco-friendly purchases can significantly affect the global climate, and with a better understanding of personal carbon footprint, they become active participants—even your partners—in driving environmental change.

And with a line of sight to their everyday activities and choices, you develop more accurate profiles on your customers, letting you make significant changes to your business. You can leverage technology that aligns to your digital strategy and delivers differentiated customer experiences, while making more informed decisions with ESG investments, charitable donations, or funding of humanitarian-focused non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Green banking and our partnership with ecolytiq give you the opportunity to emphasize your commitment to sustainable development beyond a footnote in an annual report. You can offer an actionable practice that makes a difference to customers, regulators, and environmentalists. While Sustainability-as-a-Service® is a single step, these shared ESG commitments will play a major role in building a better future for generations to come.

Learn how this could work for you

The ecolytiq solution is available thru API integration directly from ecolytiq or via a white label solution. To find out more, contact us at +1.844.663.8797 or email us at [email protected].

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